Monday, May 3, 2010

Time flies - Toni's Four!

Since I am headed to the ATL this weekend for a visit, on the way home from Appleton, we stopped by my mom's to take her out for an early Mother's Day lunch and drop off a little gift. We were in luck - my brother and niece were around to go with us. My niece just turned 4 last weekend so we also gave her her birthday gifts - Don't Break the Ice (which came with 3 tubs of free play-doh!), a Princess and The Frog card game that my MIL scored for free on the Disney Cruise, and this book which was illustrated by my friend, JT. Holy games. This girl loves games so we had to play about eight rounds of Don't Break the Ice and eight rounds of Princess and the Frog before she would let us leave. And of course she is already on the countdown to her 5th birthday. She definitely is related to me! ha ha ha

Here is a picture my mom snapped of Toni waiting for us under my mom's tree. It's my current favorite pic of her. She is holding some flowers that she picked for me off my mom's plant, much to my mom's chagrin.

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