Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Minor Whining

1. I was so excited to come home from the ATL to find that my 1154 Lill Bag had arrived. However, upon opening it I discovered that they messed up the fabric on the handles. It was correct on my invoice from the party so I'm not sure what happened. They had great customer service and are fixing it but I have to wait more time to get it. Boo! I also am a tad annoyed that the bag I ordered in April is now 15% off in May. Does it count that I won't be getting the bag until May?!

2. I generally try to get books from the library and usually only buy books secondhand or if I have a gift card. Swaptree has been very good to me as well. However, my book club book for May was not coming in at the library so I sucked it up and purchased it Thursday night in preparation for my flight last weekend. Guess what came on Monday? A notice from the library that the book had come in. {Eye roll}

3. I don't know if Baby Schlotty is laying weird or what but I have had this back pain in the middle of my back, right side since Sunday and it is starting to drive me crazy. Unfortunately it seems to get worse when sitting for long periods of time - not exactly helpful when my entire job requires me to sit in front of a computer all day. Not even my Herman Miller chair is helping out. Nate-O is being amazing and rubbing my back every night but I would rather just have it go away!


BCK said...

you have a herman miller chair?!?!

Missy said...

I did not know about the LILL purses. It is very bad that I know about this. I will be spending lots of money on this site. :)

Amber said...

Did you ask about the discount for May? You totally deserve the 15% off, not only for their mix up but it's like you're starting over. I hope they reimburse you somehow!
-Amber, Holly's stalky neighbor