Friday, May 21, 2010

BOI-NGGGG! Very Excited that Friday has Arrived!

Woohoo! Another Friday! Things are looking good even if it is rainy here in good ol' MKE. I'm in a great mood because:

1) Vacation time is almost here! One last roadtrip as Mr & Mrs before Baby Schlotty arrives - We're headed to Asheville, NC; Charleston, SC & Myrtle Beach, SC. I always get excited about vacation, who doesn't?

2) I had a great prenatal massage last night. Nate got this for me as a mother's day present. A woman rents out a space in this chiropractic office in our 'hood so I was even able to walk to it. It was amazing!

3) I got an email that 1154 Lill fixed my bag and that it is shipping out today so I should have it in time for vacation! Hey if I have to look like a whale in a swimsuit, at least I'll have a cute bag. Despite this messing around with this bag, which is annoying, I'm thinking about having my own purse party this summer. MKE peeps, will you come? (HB, You don't have to answer, I already know you're obsessed :) )

4)I've been up since 4 AM. Yeah that sucks, but I was able to sneak a few Mad Men episodes in before work. A little Don Draper to start your day - anyone would be in a good mood after that, right?!

5) I'm about to embark on a new craft this weekend. Refinishing furniture. Getting knocked up just makes all of these opportunities to cross off those "someday I want to learn to {insert hobby here}" things. I crossed upholstery off the list and now refinishing furniture. What am I refinishing? A high chair! I really wanted one of those old school wooden high chairs for our dining room. Well guess what - they don't really sell those at Target or Babies R Us. There was one wood high chair in the lot and we didn't like it. So I told my mom to keep her eyes peeled. She peeled them and found one at Goodwill for the bargain price of $20!! However, the stain color is a bit too light - of course I want it to match our dining room table. So tomorrow whilst my hubby is being a pro-fisherman for the day; my mom and I are refinishing the high chair. Don't worry - I have a gas mask (Thanks HB!).

6) Where is all my energy coming from this morning? Easy - i put chocolate chips in my oatmeal ;) Perhaps that's why this baby is extra kicky this AM.

Have a chocolate chips in your oatmeal kind of day!

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