Monday, May 3, 2010


This weekend was our vacation to Appleton. We were joking all week about going on "vacation" two hours away from home, but it really did feel like a vacation. Saturday morning I did the Foster Care 5K and we left for Appleton after that. Nate had won a free stay at the Settle Inn from a golf tournament last summer. The hotel was nice - pretty standard but clean and in a nice location. We shopped downtown Appleton, ate lunch at a good gyro/kabob place aptly named "Gyros Kabob" and then even braved the mall. We had dinner in downtown Neenah at Cy's Asian Bistro. It was VERY good. We got in some pool time and watched a movie (Taken) on HBO before heading to bed.

Sunday morning we did some more shopping in the area - I got Birkenstocks. Sign me up for the mom club, ladies and gentlemen. Nate wanted to go to the store since he thought there might be some good deals. He told me I should try a pair on. My feet were really sore over the weekend and I put the shoe on and I was like, "SOLD". I think this may have been some ulterior motive of his since he was probably sick of me complaining about my feet and giving me foot rubs. As I have mentioned before, I'm not usually one to buy shoes for comfort. The shoes I got were a blue/grey color and on sale for $49.99! The style is pictured below, but they color is not as shiny looking.

I immediately changed into them in the car. AHHHH. You know what else has been coming in handy lately? My Yoga Toes. My MIL got me these for Christmas after they were recommended to me by both a friend and a co-worker for bunion issues. If anyone is looking for something to get a pregnant friend, Yoga Toes are the answer. I might just start bringing them to work. (I have heard that the faux Yoga Toes suck and that you do have to get the "real" ones.)


chacha said...

I've had birks since I was in college - might be because I grew up in New England where we're all kind of granola-y.

Bunions suck. I have the beginnings of one on my left foot thanks to having flat feet + running. Oh well. If it ever gets bad I'll have to look at those Yoga Toes!

Old MD Girl said...

Merrels Amy, Merrels.

BCK said...