Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday we were rescued from our house by A&HC to go see Date Night. I thought it was cute. A for sure rental indeed.

Saturday I got a bang trim. My hairdresser was shocked to see me. She always bugs me to come in for a bang trim, which is complimentary, in between haircuts but I get lazy and just start to wear more headbands and bobby pins when my hair grows out. What can I say - maybe pregnancy is making me more responsible, ha ha ha. She also gave me a sample of Moroccan Hair Oil to try. I have been reading about this in various magazines and other blogs so I was excited for the sample. So far I am on board with those that call it the miracle product. I also saw that Tresemme came out with a dry shampoo. I have not been able to find a 'cheap' dry shampoo so I picked some of it up. Loving that stuff too. Now I wash my hair every 3 days instead of every other.

We spent a good chunk of Saturday exploring Bayview since neither of us was very familiar. Milwaukee guide here.

Sunday we had plans to go to Art in Bloom with my mom and two of my aunts. I have been telling my mom about this for several years. We started with breakfast at the Pfister where my sister works. Several of the St. Louis cardinals were there eating breakfast so my aunt J was trying to sneak pics of two of the especially cute ones sitting near us. Art in Bloom was fun. I was a little disappointed with it this year - not a lot of variety in the types and colors of flowers used. I have thought it more stunning in years past. Here is a pic of my mom and Nate standing near one of the pieces that used S. trifasciata laurentii (commonly known as "mother-in-law's tongue").

The rest of Sunday was spent napping, crafting and watching our favorite show, The Amazing Race. I am thrilled that Carol & Brandy are finally off! Next, i hope the models go - they are awful.


chacha said...

Yeah, their attitude sucked - but the two models are idiots. Especially the guy - he appears to be dumber than the girl (which is shocking considering that "map" answer of hers).

Amy said...

i couldn't agree more, cha cha!

Silky Jess said...

Where did you find the dry shampoo? Do they have it at places like Target? Anything that saves me time in the morning is now on my list of must-haves. How I will manage getting two little ones ready for daycare and myself ready for work on my own every weekday is beyond me.