Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Camera!

I used the blog in an attempt to solicit feedback on cameras around the time of my birthday, when Nate said he wanted to get me a camera for a gift. We finally purchased one last weekend and it arrived yesterday!!!

We decided to go with the Nikon D5000, which is a DSLR and video camera in one. This is definitely a camera upgrade and I am looking forward to learning all of the features and being able to take lots of different types of photographs.

Given that we went with the upgrade, we also decided to forgo anniversary presents to each other this year. Our anniversary is one week after our due date so this works out well!

I don't have any pictures from it to post on here yet, although I did take about 50 photos of Nate in various states of watching television last night to test out some things. Once i actually figure out what I'm doing, I'll start posting!

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