Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mini Vacay in MAY

Soon golf tournament season will be upon us. Nate is lucky during the summers to get involved with a lot of golf tournaments through his job. I say lucky because if he didn't have this option, he would be stuck golfing with me and I am terrible with any sport involving an apparatus of any kind (e.g. golf club in this case).

I also love golf tournament season because most golf tournaments have a) goody bags and b)prizes. For some reason, he is really lucky and more often than not wins a prize. And usually, when picking what prize to put his raffle tickets into, he picks something for me. AWWW! What a sweetie! So I have made out really well with golf tournament season - Penzey spice baskets, massages, aveda gift sets. With this there also come a million koozys, lunch bags, pencils, of course.

Last year, he golfed with our friends J&RN at JN's workplace golf outing. He called me afterwards and could barely contain his laughter at the prize he had won. I came home and he made me close my eyes - I opened them and he was wearing this weird hotel bathrobe, these leather slippers that looked like penguin feet and holding a gift certificate for a hotel in Appleton, WI. Mind you the hotel certificate was NOT the same hotel that donated the bathrobe. AT the time, I did take a picture of him but promised him that I wouldn't post it because it was so ridiculous.

A year later, we dug that hotel gift certificate out of the office and discovered it expires in June. Therefore, we planned a little weekend trip to the exciting city of Appleton WI next month. PUMP IT UP!

I actually am pretty excited, but as you read earlier, it doesn't take much more than a free koozy to get me excited! I haven't been to Appleton in a long time. My aunt J used to take me shopping there once a year and I could pick out an outfit. We also would go visit her friend M.

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Amy Badler said...

What hotel in Appleton? Dave spent a year traveling to Appleton on a weekly basis. Have fun!