Friday, April 16, 2010

Holy Cow! It's Friday!

What a week! I can hardly believe that it is Friday or that April is half over.

I am anxiously awaiting my 1154 Lill Bag that I ordered while attending a party with my friend HB last Monday. I frequently visited this store when I lived in Chicago and even had a purse made there (courtesy of a gift from CD & MB). Now that I have become more involved with sewing, I am even more infatuated with the concept of this store and their fabric! Seriously - I have visited the "become a LILL rep" page more than once...if only for the fabric samples you get! I am thinking about hosting a party in the summer.

I am also excited that I only have 3 weeks of class left! I have already informed the University of my pregnancy and that i won't be available for the fall semester. It will be nice to get back to having only one job for a while, even if that one job is currently driving me crazy.

This weekend I plan to do some more DIY Baby Schlotty and I have a Sip n See for a co-worker. I'm also hoping to rest up because next week is going to be crazy busy - Book Club, Cooking Class with my Mom @ Coquette, Investment club, dinner with friends and the Divine Consign sale!! (I'm hoping they have maternity clothes.)

Happy Weekend!

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Silky Jess said...

What is a Sip n See?