Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Egg & Chive Omelets: Egg-cellent Fuel for Taxes

Our taxes are DUNZO! I completely hate doing taxes. My patience level with them is next to zero. We finished our federal taxes a couple of weeks ago and then buckled down to do the state taxes last night. The state taxes were MUCH easier than the federal. I don't know why the federal govt doesn't adopt a similar model to the WI e-file system. As usual, we get a small refund from the state and owe money to federal. As NPR (and my husband, the financial planner) like to say, getting a refund actually costs you money since the govt borrowed your money free of charge and you could have been making 10 cents of interest over the year. (Is my sarcasm apparent?) Even though I know this is right, it still would be nice to get a refund! :)

Monday's episode of Anthony Bourdain featured a variety of famous chefs teaching simple foods to the audience. It was an episode that made me very hungry! Jacques Pepin did omelets - simple eggs and chive so I made two of those for dinner (for myself) last night. Yum! Thomas Keller did roast chicken, the chef of Les Halles, Carlos, did steak and frites, and Anthony did Boeuf Bourginon. Then Carlos and Anthony sat in Les Halles and ate the steak, fries and stew. I was so wishing that they would have been taping that episode when Nate and I were dining on steak frites at Les Halles back in November!

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Old MD Girl said...

Two words: Turbo Tax.

Our Federal AND State were done in less than an hour. It uploaded all the W2s automatically from my husband's company, and all the bank/financial institution statements automatically as well. It also understood that my stipend gets taxed at the federal level, but not the state level, and I didn't even have to tell it. I was really happy with it.

The only thing holding me up now is the City taxes.