Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Consignment sale shopping!

My mom and I also hit up the Divine Consign sale on Saturday morning before the fabric stores. Saturday was the half off day so we got there bright and early to stand in line for a bit before it opened at 8 AM. Even though I previewed the sale with BCK on Thursday, I was still excited. I love not knowing what you will find at these things!

The maternity section was pretty well combed over. I had picked up a pair of pants that were originally $98 (I know because they still had all the tags on) for $5 on Thursday night. They are nice and long so thank you Ms. Previously Pregnant Long Legs for consigning your brand new maternity pants.

With my mom, I tried on a lot of non-maternity stuff that was a bit bigger. My main goal was to find a jean skirt that I liked in the non-maternity section so that I could convert it to a maternity skirt a la this tutorial. I found a Boden skirt that actually fit me (meaning that I could button it still) so I will wear that until I can't button it and then do the refashion. This skirt cost me $4, which is better than the $70 for the one i was looking at at Ann Taylor Loft Maternity.

I also picked up a Jones New York black floral dress that still had the tags on. LOVE THIS! It is a tank style with a fitted bodice and a full skirt. Very Mad Men. In fact, that may be why I bought it. It it still a bit too big for me, but I imagine that I can rock it when the weather is a bit nicer here and then my plan is to alter it to actually fit me. It is a few sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy size.

My mom got a dress and a cool shirt with a beaded neckline and then we were just sort of standing by the jacket section when she saw this awesome olive jacquard coat. Again WITH THE TAGS ON. And of course it looked great on so she bought that. It was a find.

I may have to hit up the sale in two weeks in Whitefish Bay. Hi My name is Amy and I am addicted to used clothing sales.


heather said...

When you are done being pregnant (cause i don't think they have maternity), you should hit up u-turn in tosa. http://www.uturnity.com/ Awesome designer stuff at really good prices (maybe not as cheap as you just got, but still really good)...I bought a ton of "not quite back in my old clothes so don't want to spend a ton" items there!

BCK said...

Glad you found more sans me and Nate! :) Haha.