Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Schlotty Ate Well Last Night

Last night my mom and I went to the first of the Spring 2010 series of cooking classes at Coquette Cafe. The theme was "french classics". The classes are done demonstration style - so the entire class sat and watched the chef prepare a course and when he was done with the course, we ate it. Last night's class featured 3 chefs, all of whom were entertaining and made the class interesting. The first course was a Petatou made with portobello mushroom, potato, frisee, goat cheese and thyme. It was DELICIOUS. I could have eaten 6 more of them. It was paired with a beaujolis wine.

Next came the soupe a pistou, which was equally great. It was made with a variety of vegetables, chickpeas and basil oil. I wanted a bowl, not a cup :). It was paired with a white wine, of which I am blanking.

The main entree was Trout a la Grenobloise. I hadn't had trout before and I was very pleased with the flavor. It was made by searing the trout and topping it with a lemon dressing, candied radishes, capers and watercress. This was also paired with a different white wine, again - don't remember the exact one but they did give us a sheet.

The dessert was very simple, yet mouthwatering. A strawberry rhubarb gratin with walnut crisp, topped with creme freche. I was happy that the strawberries were baked so I could eat this dessert - I have an allergic reaction to raw strawberry. I also am allergic to walnuts so I tried to avoid them but I'm sure I ate some of them - I don't have a deathly allergy. The discomfort that I felt (itchy throat) for the rest of the night was worth it. This was paired with a sparkling white wine.

All in all it was a great meal. As my friend EL pointed out, it was nice to be able to try some of the stuff that you typically might not order if you went there to eat. The portions were on the small side. It would be even better if you could actually enjoy the four glasses of wine rather than touching your tongue to the wine to get the flavor like I did.

I highly recommend the classes if you live/reside near MKE area. Click here for the schedule.

Photo Source: Logo of Coquette Cafe

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