Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Update

I had a great weekend.

Friday night I finished Season 1 of Mad Men. LOVE THAT SHOW. Then I fell asleep on the couch at 8 PM.

Saturday BCK and I headed to Chicago. We had planned on fabric shopping in Chicago for quite some time and finally found a weekend that worked. First we headed to Vogue Fabrics in Evanston. I had never been to this location, as the Vogue Fabrics that I usually went to was the one in the South Loop. The Evanston location is much better - which makes sense since this is the Flagship location. Vogue Fabrics is a great store with a great selection. I actually purchased my wedding dress material here (made by someone else). It was fun to go back now that I am on the sewing train.

After Vogue, we headed to Al's Deli since BCK had been talking about the yumminess of their butter cookies. We had soup and FABULOUS sandwiches and the famous butter cookies. To.Die.For!

We then went to The Needle Shop. Everytime I visit this store, it seems to have expanded with more and more fun new stuff. I could spend a small fortune in this store. After The Needle Shop we headed to various stores to shop and ended the day with dinner at Xoco.

I was one tired chica after that and fell asleep on the train ride home.

Yesterday, Nate & I took care of business around the house. We started off with some breakfast in bed and the real estate channel. Have you ever watched the local real estate channel? It is hilarious. Or maybe we are just THAT dorky. Probably a little bit of both.

Since we have new carpet in the basement, we got to work arranging the space. We haven't decided if we are going to put the pool table back up. All that extra space is really nice particularly because we turned a whole corner of the basement into a CRAFT AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't take pictures yet but am very excited. We moved an old dresser that we inherited down to the basement to hold my fabric collection. Then we moved the sewing machine and sewing machine table next to it. My sewing machine and fabric collection previously were residing in the office, which is the smallest room in our house. A bed and a computer desk were also occupying the same space. When I would work on projects, they tended to take over the room, the living room (the only space I could use for cutting) and part of the dining room (best light). So now I will have plenty of room and space to work. This also freed up almost a whole closet so that we could move some of the stuff in our guest room (to be nursery) closet downstairs.

After that day of brilliant organization and repurposing, we had more stuff for Goodwill and a pretty nice basement area. Nate commented, "I feel like we just added square footage onto our house." I definitely see us spending more time in our basement now. I'll take some pictures soon. We still have some work ahead of us, but progress is being made!

Then the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I cried several times. I am sad that they are over. Loved that Neil Young performed "Long May You Run".


Free Pretty Things For You said...

what a beautiful home you have!!

BCK said...

I can't believe Al's has a website!