Thursday, March 18, 2010

Upstairs Bathroom Remodel

As I mentioned, one of our "get this done before the baby comes" goals is to start and finish our upstairs bathroom remodel. Now, you may be thinking, how are the two people that took almost two years to do a kitchen remodel going to start and finish a bathroom remodel in 23 weeks and 5 days (countdown to due date)?

Simple - we are not doing some of it ourselves.

We are meeting with J, our go to guy for contracting/handiwork for our house, tonight. We have used him to put in our faucet and garbage disposal, to install a gas valve and electric box for our stove, and to change/install our water heater. We decided he was up to the task for the bathroom.

This bathroom is located directly at the top of our stairs, in between our bedroom and the guest-room-now-baby-room. Originally, we had grand ideas of combining our current bathroom with the guest-room-now-baby-room closet. The more we thought about this, the more we didn't really want to lose the giant closet in that room. My shoe collection was not about to get whittled down for a bathroom, ha ha ha. So the bathroom remodel will not be as extensive as we originally had thought.

What are we doing? Here is our list:

1) Change out current window (which prevents use of the shower) with a glass block waterproof window. Here is a picture of the window/shower situation from move in day.

2) Remove drywall from shower and put backer board (or whatever the appropriate stuff is called) up and tile shower so that the shower can actually be used. (Notice how the current situation is only dry wall in the photo above).

3) Remove current light fixture, towel bar, soap dish, etc. Re drywall necessary areas.

4) Put up wainscotting around the non-shower walls.

5) Paint

6) Install new light fixture.

7) Install new mirror.

8) Replace toilet

9) Replace old sink with new vanity (increasing storage space in this bathroom from zero to some!)

10) New flooring.

The only thing we did to the bathroom is paint with some leftover living room paint to get rid of the previous pink and take down that pink curtain. Here is what the bathroom looks like now:

I will be posting some of our inspirational pictures in the days to come.


heather said...

Please post your inspiration pics! We are at the VERY beginning stages of planning a similar remodel for our upstairs bath and I don't have any inspiration to get started! Any great suggestions for places to find some ideas?

remodeling said...

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