Thursday, March 4, 2010

Road Trip!

In the spirit of the annual Schlotty road trip, we've been starting to think about #3. We had wanted to do one in early spring, but my teaching schedule messed that up. We are considering going to Ashville, NC and Charleston, SC. Why? Neither of us have been to the Carolinas and we've both heard great things.

Here's what the trip looks like:

It is 2024 mile roundtrip. It doesn't beat our Texas trip at 3500 miles, but it is a bit more than our Cleveland/New Buffalo trip at 898 miles.

Has anyone been to either of these places? Thoughts? Recommendations?

We'll have to see if the timing works out, but here's hoping!

Photo Sources: Magnolia Plantation, Charleston from aeenderson's flickr account, and Asheville, NC from A Life's Design, map from Google Maps.


Ali said...

LOVE Asheville. We've been once as a couple, and Eric works a running camp there. I'll work on some recs for you and e-mail you later, being mindful of not being able to drink (there is a great pizza and beer hole in the way--asheville brewing company. They also have cheap movies).

mm said...

This looks like a great adventure. I love Asheville and Charleston is amazingly beautiful and charming. So much history! Dave worked on a hotel in Asheville right outside of the Biltmore that I would recommend. I will have to think of the name. Can Dave and I bust in on your romantic getaway and meet you somewhere?

Old MD Girl said...

Looks like a fabulous vacation. My parents went a few years ago and really enjoyed themselves (though I'm not sure how much an endorsement from my parents is worth to young hip kids like you and Nate!).

Am jealous. I want to come too!

Missy said...

We went to Charleston last year for our anniversary -- we LOVED it. I could totally live there (or at the beach close-by). We stayed at an Embassy Suites that in an old Citadel building, it was in a great location for all of the touristy things. Depending on when you go, you MUST go to a Charleston River Dogs (minor league baseball) game. That was super fun - and they have Mellow Mushroom pizza at the park :). We went to Asheville last year and loved that, too. I want to go back and stay at the Grove Park Inn. Great choices, can't wait to see pictures!