Monday, March 8, 2010

RIP Avocado Green Fridge

We had a good weekend - one where we got a lot of accomplished but also had some fun too. Friday night we went to Cafe Hollander for a fish fry. I would rate this as middle of the road in terms of fish fry. Not my favorite in the whole world, but definitely good. It is nice because they have a regular and extra crispy option.

Saturday I got my haircut!!! I follow this statement with three exclamation points because this was about 3 weeks overdue. I started rocking this mini ponytail a couple of days a week because my hair was that gross. I returned from my haircut to find our avocado green fridge in several pieces - it was time to move that thing outta here. My husband grossly overestimated my strength - I was not able to assist in getting it out of our basement. Luckily our neighbor D was home. I traded him - I fed his daughter while he went and got the fridge out of our house. We took the fridge to the dump where it joined a couple of its friends from 1972 - a butternut squash fridge, a pumpkin orange one... Taking things to the dump is so cathartic.

The weekend held excellent weather - I was able to run outside in a T-shirt!! YAY!

Saturday night we met some of my family members for dinner before going to M's surprise 30th birthday party where I made it out until 12:45 AM. By far the latest I have been able to stay up in a long time.

Sunday we went to the Harley Davidson Museum. Last October we attended a wedding there and part of the favor was two tickets to tour the museum that were good for a year. We called up the Bs and the five of us went. I was really impressed with the museum - and learned a lot about the H-D company that I previously did not know. I was mostly excited to see their special Hollywood and Harleys exhibit but was a little disappointed to find that it was a very small exhibit.

The weekend concluded with the RED CARPET and the OSCARS! I'll have to report more on the Oscars later but I really liked Sandra Bullock's whole look (AWESOME hair and lips) and thought SJP might have been one of the biggest train wrecks of the night.


chacha said...

I was super-happy that they actually showed the Oscars real-time for us. I can't remember if they did that last year - but I always complain that for big events they should show it live and early on the west coast rather than show us stale stuff!

I don't remember SJP - I think I was probably cooking at that point. But Sandra Bullock looked great - I like her hubby, too, from Monster Garage. Miss that show.

BrookeK said...

agreed on SJP! and sandra....she looked beautiful! thought Cameron diaz looked great too.