Friday, March 5, 2010

Beef Cilantro Tacos. Me LIKEY!

Woohoo it's the weekend and it's 40 degrees outside! I have major spring fever, but know fully well that we'll probably get a snowstorm or two before spring is really here.

Last night we made beef and cilantro tacos. This is one of my favorite meals we make because it is quick and very very yummy. We get so excited to eat these that we literally stand in the kitchen, make a taco, scarf it down and start preparing the next one. Basically you prepare ground beef much the same as you would for tacos - we like Penzey's Rojo Taco Seasoning, which comes in a jar. Then you warm some corn tortillas, chop some raw onion, chop some cilantro and voila. Beef Cilantro Tacos. Sometimes we add cheese. It is best if you have that crumbly Mexican White Cheese.


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