Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bathroom Inspiration #1

Here is the first picture in my bathroom inspiration file. This bathroom was designed by Jessica Helgerson and was featured on many blogs including Design Sponge, The City Sage, Remodelista. Remodelista even lists a bunch of fixtures to replicate the look. I only wish I could have a claw foot old school tub. In house #2 maybe.

Heather asked in the comments what sources I used. Oh boy. I will be documenting them with the pictures, but check out the blogs listed in my Decor Blog Roll post for a start. My Google Reader is the most used thing I have. I star any post that I like the pictures of. Design Sponge, Young House Love and Remodelista are all great sources. For in-print magazines, I rip out pictures of rooms I like and put them in page protectors in binders that are organized by room. I know - I should not be openly admitting this crazy behavior. For In print magazines, I regularly subscribe to Elle Decor, Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart Living in the house realm and have back issues of Domino and This Old House as well. I used to subscribe to House Beautiful. I highly recommend going to your local library to check out home interior books, particuarly in the NEW section of your library.

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BCK said...

I really like this room, but I find the Japanese warrior on the toilet odd...and potentially dangerous! I am imagining it toppling off the toilet and landing on a bare foot.