Monday, February 1, 2010

The Wire

Looking back on the weekend, it seems that I spent a good amount of time on the couch watching Season 4 of The Wire. That can't be all that I did...can it?

Friday night - made veggie lasagna and watched The Wire

Saturday - worked out at the Y, did some shopping for carpet, went to Trader Joe's and had dinner at a friend's house.

Sunday - church, The Wire, Target, The Wire, 30 minutes of the Grammy's (love me some GaGa), The Wire.
Yup, that's pretty much all we did. If you haven't checked out this show, you must! Season 4 is my favorite so far. We have gotten all seasons at our local library.

We also discovered while at Target that season 5 of Weeds is out! I put that on my library hold list ASAP!

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