Monday, February 22, 2010

The week of Feb 14-21 was good to me

Nate-O is a good gift giver. Valentines Day for us is hit or miss, meaning that sometimes we celebrate it, sometimes we don't. Apparently this year was a year that we celebrated it because I got a huge wrapped package and two cards - one from my husband and one from my baby. I thought that was cute.

Inside the huge package was a jewelry chest! I have a lot of jewelry that was preveiously scattered around my dresser, and divided up in between lots of little containers. Now it is all organized in this:

I have two favorite things about this chest. One is the earring drawer, which has little squares for each pair of earrings. The other is that it has a gold plate which Nate had monogrammed for me. I LOVE MONOGRAMS. There was a period of time when I really wanted monogrammed sheets and towels.

For my birthday, he got me a new camera. I actually don't have the camera yet because I get to pick it out. SOOOOOOO...all of you with nice cameras, please feel free to give me some advice. I have yet to read up on cameras but (I think) I want something along the lines of the Canon Rebel. This is my very uneducated guess though. I'm not planning on taking up photography as a hobby - Lord knows I have way too many of those already. But I would like something that takes great photos and has some fun features. Let the opinions roll...

Photo Sources: Reed & Barton (jewelry chest), and Google Images (camera).


mm said...

I am glad that you were showered with gifts. Dave also presented me with a SLR camera recently. I went with the Olympus E-450. I like it because it is a little smaller and is easier to hold. It takes fabulous pictures and is easy to use. Have fun looking!

heather said...

I LOVE the jewelry elegant and timeless. I have a Rebel (I've had it for like 4 years or so) and I really like it. Very easy to use...great shots of my kids...not too bulky but a nice sturdy camera too. Happy Belated Birthday too!