Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Season 5: Dunzo

We finished Season 5 of Weeds. Nate actually bailed mid-way through the season as he said the show greatly departed from what it once was. I agree with him, but soldiered on. He joined in the last few episodes.

Season 5 was not my favorite. I usually really liked Nancy, the main character, and was kind of disappointed with her in this season. I don't want to get TOO into in in case some of you watch the show and haven't finished season 5 yet. That said, the last episode was a cliffhanger and I'm sure to be on the waitlist for Season 6.

Next up...MAD MEN!

I am very excited about this as I have waited many MONTHS for this at the library. I started watching Mad Men mid Season 3 I think and then after several episodes, stopped because I am too neurotic and MUST watch shows in order. I'm excited to catch up to where I was and get the back story on all of the characters, especially Mr. Don Draper himself. YUM-O!!!

And let's not forget about the CLOTHES! Double YUM-O.

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