Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Carpet

Almost 2 months after the water damage incident in our basement, we had new carpet installed.

Here is the carpet that was in there before. Heinous. Smelly. Totally disgusting.

Might I draw your attention to the lovely brown duct tape that the previous owners accented with?!

After we literally shoveled the stuff out of there and cleared out all of the junk from this side of the basement, it looked like this:

We decided that while we were at it, we might as well carpet the steps so here is a before shot of those:

In the process of clearing out the basement, we destroyed the alien UFO bar. We did save the shelves within it as they were good wood that we probably will reuse for something but otherwise, Nate took a hammer to it.

And thankfully, during game night, several of our friends assisted Nate in moving the pool table to the other side of the basement.

Now, our basement and steps look like this:

You can see we still have a ways to go - we are planning on removing the dropped ceiling and drywalling. We also may investigate newer furnture than our broken college castoffs for this area. Regardless, a huge thing got crossed off the list today!

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caroldes7 said...

Now the question is... will it still be Nate's man cave or does is there a play room in it's future??? :D