Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little Weed and a little Louboutin: Thoughts to Distract Me from My Growing Waistline

We frequently use our library for DVDs, especially shows on DVD. For the most part, this works out really well. I put a season on hold and get an email when it comes in. Unfortunately, there are times, when sh** hits the fan with this system. This week, as I mentioned, we are not longing for any TV. We are glued to the Olympics. (Did I mention that I want to be Lindsey Vonn? Or maybe Hannah Kearney). So of course it only seems right that both Mad Men Season 1 and Weeds Season 5 come in on the exact same day. I have been waiting for Mad Men for a good 6 months. GRRR.

I picked up Weeds first - we finished 3 episodes last night. This is the season where Nancy Botwin (aka Mary Louise Parker) is pregnant. We keep wondering if Nancy will still be hot with a baby belly?

While flipping between Weeds and the Olympics, I was reading a magazine and lo and behold I found these shoes, which are sort of like the Louboutins I posted but MUCH cheaper.


Ann Taylor

Ok, now that I look at them up close, they're not that similar. I still would want the Louboutins. But then I think of myself sitting here with unbuttoned pants and think, in a few months I will not be able to cram my swollen foot into that shoe, much less walk in it. Practically wins out again. My mother would be proud.

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Old MD Girl said...

The Louboutin's are like Art for your Feet. The Ann Taylor's are a nice try.... but just not art.

Just looking at the Louboutin's makes me feel prettier.