Friday, February 12, 2010

Jon Cryer Then and Now

Ok, so much Sex and The City talk has got me reminiscing on that show. Remember when they discussed secret single behavior? Things such as examining your pores, sleeping in loofah slippers, etc. Last night I thought of that episode as I geared up to indulge in some of my favorite not-so-secret single behaviors since Nate was not going to be around. First, I ate cereal for dinner. MMMM..Frosted mini wheats. (This really shouldn't fall into this category as sometimes we do this together anyways). Then I watched the last two episodes of season 1 of Gossip Girl while reading a pile of fashion magazines. Then, Pretty in Pink was on tv so I watched that too. I used to LOVE this movie. Made my sister watch it almost every day during the summer. I texted her that it was on and she responded that if I have a boy, she is going to call him Duckie. Ha ha ha. If our childhood is any indication, this kid is going to have a LOT of nicknames.

While watching Pretty In Pink, I came to the startling realization that Duckie actually is Jon Cryer who is Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men. I was cracking up.

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Old MD Girl said...

And he hasn't changed a bit since the movie either....