Friday, February 19, 2010

It's going to be a bright, bright, sunshiny day

This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Good news followed by bad news, followed by good news, followed by more bad news. And even though none of the bad news is directly attributed to or concerning me personally (the baby is fine!), I am overwhelmed with it all and am happy it is Friday. My thoughts and prayers are getting a workout, especially for the H clan. F*#& Cancer. [Yes, I pulled out the F bomb for this.]

So I'm ending the week focusing on the positive:

1. My sister has been working on this amazing hexagon quilt since August of 2008 and she finished it late last night- 18 spools of thread and 3,885 hexagons later. Props to you, G!

Isn't it just incredible! I can assure you that it is 1000 times more awesome in person, too.

2. Baby Schlotty and I set a PR for running yesterday - 38 minutes. Our longest run (timewise) yet. I think the Olympics have inspired him/her. :)

3. We had our first ultrasound and all looks good. The baby has long skinny legs, a huge head and measure 6 cm from crown to rump. It was amazing to see it bouncing around in there.

4. It's my birthday on Sunday. Nothing bad can happen on your birthday, right? I am looking forward to my 29th year on this planet. I know this last year of my 20s will definitely be memorable.

EVERYONE have a GREAT weekend!!

Photo Sources: Rollercoaster from Here, Quilt Photos Courtesy of AMW.


Old MD Girl said...

Happy Birthday Amy! I'm sorry you had such an up and down week. Here's to your birthday week being much much better.

BTW -- The quilt is completely and totally AMAZING. I am in awe. What is wrong with your family that there are so many talented people in it?

caroldes7 said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Ama- love the quilt! really impressive!