Thursday, February 11, 2010

Comment Response

Thanks for all of your comments on our big news!

A couple of reactions:

First, Nemmie and Nadi were totally spot on with the Carrie Bradshaw shoes. When I first saw them on another blog, I thought exactly that - hey those are totally like the shoes Carrie was wearing when Miranda's water broke. I just thought I had too much baby on the brain. Nice to know some other people thought that too! Some other sex and the city trivia, the polka dot kate spade dress also reminds me of the dress Charlotte was wearing when she ran into big, started screaming at him and then went into labor with her baby. I may be remembering that wrong, though.

Second, Old MD Girl asked about running while pregnant. That has been interesting. Week 5 and beginning of 6 were not different at all. Then I started feeling sick so I didn't really run that much. I think I started running mid week 7 or beginning of week 8 again and I slowed way down. Instead of running 8 minute miles, I was running 10 or even 12 minute miles. And I would throw in some walking. I was not running more than 30 minutes at a time, which would be equivalent to 3 miles. I don't really know how to explain how it felt - like I was really out of shape, but I wouldn't get sore legs, get sweaty or feel like I did a workout after. I just would be really out of breath while running. During the early weeks I also was battling some dizzy spells/lightheadedness so I did not run on any days where I had that going on.

Then, at the beginning of this week (Week 11), I am back to feeling like a "runner" again. My pace is quicker and although I wouldn't say that I am getting a workout equivalent to pre-pregnancy, I definitely don't get out of breath during my 30-35 minute runs anymore. I also notice that the days I run, I sleep much better. I will say this GIANT disclaimer - my doctor totally okayed my running since I had been doing it regularly pre-pregnancy. I would definitely check with your doctor about exercise during pregnancy. In general though, I would say books, websites, as well as my doctor and nurses are VERY pro-exercise, which I find encouraging. I haven't been running every day, nor have I ran more than 4 miles during pregnancy. I don't know that I will continue to run once I am big either. I'm sort of taking it a day at a time. I may try to alternate running with swimming again. I would say swimming is the number one exercise mentioned in every book and website.


And finally, some comments alluded to making things and ChaCha hit the nail on the head when she said, "I'll bet you have about 80 millions baby-related sewing projects on the brain now". You have NO IDEA how many items are starred in my google reader. Everything from things for the bedroom, to clothes, to diaper covers to quilts...I told myself I had to wait until trimester 2 to start on anything though. My mom, sister and I have already planned on making a quilt though. AND a bunch of sewing projects for babies books are on hold at the library for me right now. I find a lot of pre-made baby stuff really limiting in terms of color and pattern, particularly when you don't want to find out the sex. I really gravitate towards baby stuff that doesn't scream "BABY" so that is probably why I am really gung-ho into being able to make some stuff rather than purchase it.

Again, thanks for all of your enthusiasm and comments! I myself become a slave to Google Reader and rarely comment on blogs I read because it does take extra effort so I appreciate it! :)


Old MD Girl said...

Good to hear that the general attitude is pro-exercise.

If you're not already on one, a lot of drs will put you on a pre-natal vitamin. Many women become anemic during pregnancy, and everyone has a giant increase in blood volume. The PNV usually contains iron, which can help with that. Usually this happens in trimesters 2 and 3 though. Maybe this was why you felt so out of shape?

I think the swimming is supposed to make you feel less bloated and heavy, which is why it's so popular. Hey why not use this as an opportunity to learn!

Glad everything is going so smoothly. I'd like to second the sentiment expressed by several others that you and Nate are going to be awesome parents!

Silky Jess said...

A friend of mine ran throughout her pregnancy. I have no idea how she did it, especially in the last trimester, but she did. So, it is possible. Personally, I love the Erin O'Brien and Summer Sanders prenatal workout DVDs and Jennifer Wolfe's prenatal vinyasa yoga short forms (you can do 15-, 30-, or 45-minute yoga routines, depending on your energy). I hope you continue feeling well.

Missy said...

A woman I used to work with at RSPH ran up until she delivered. Apparently there's a sports bra-type contraption for your belly that you can wear when your tummy gets bigger. Good for you for getting out there and exercising....the being tired and the not feeling well totally would've kept me on the couch :)

Can't wait to hear updates throughout your pregnancy and to see pics of the little one!