Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday Month Freebies

So yes, it is my birthday month. I love my birthday. Always have, probably always will. I haven't had the "rough birthday" yet where you really aren't looking forward to turning x age.

One of my favorite things about birthday month is all the coupons and freebies I get in the mail. I usually get a free lotion or body wash from aveda and a customizable room spray from them as well as I am an Aveda Pure Privelege member. Sephora Beauty Insiders get a free gift during the month of their birthday. This year it is an eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara kit. Banana Republic usually sends a $15 gift card, I got $10 from Victoria's Secret, and 15% off at Anthropologie. BTW, it is worth signing up for the Anthropologie one just for the packaging alone. It is one of my favorite things to get!

These are all that I received so far. I never remember how many mailing lists I am on, so it's always a fun surprise to get the mail!

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