Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have a love/hate relationship that favors "hate" regarding the new "buzz" section on Gmail. I didn't realize that when you post pictures to your Picasa account, also through Gmail, they automatically get posted as buzz. Thus, if there are pictures you don't want your whole address book to see, I suggest putting the settings on "private" right away. I think several of my followers got inundated with 17 ultrasound pics. Sorry!

I also don't like the redundancy between Gmail Buzz and Google Reader. It seems like just another thing to clean out.

That said, I do enjoy seeing what other people share. I might use this picture, from the Olympic Games, shared by MKD, as my desktop background.

It might make working after limited sleep more fun. :) Thanks for sharing, MKD!

Photo Source: Wackadoodle Olympic Fans by NPR