Wednesday, January 20, 2010


If you tell enough people about something you love, they start to look out for you. This happens often with a blog, which is one of the main reasons that I keep doing this even though I've thought about stopping numerous times.

Example for the day:

My mom called me this morning to tell me that Elvis Costello would be interviewing Bruce Springsteen on his show on the Sundance Channel tonight. What? Elvis Costello has a show? So turning to one of my best friends, Google, I found that Elvis Costello has a show, Spectacle, in which he interviews musicians. Bruce (Part 1) is up tonight and Part 2 will be next Wendesday evening.

Ok, so this may not be the best example given that this is my mom, who probably encouraged Santa Claus to give me my first Bruce Springsteen cassette tape at age 6, but still. Love it when this happens!

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