Thursday, January 21, 2010

School's Back in Session

My first class on the semester was on Tuesday night and it went much better than last semester's class. I don't have nearly as many spastic emails from students freaking out so I either have a more mellow group of students or I did a better job of explaining the course. (I'm going to go with the latter.) Our University also moved to a MUCH more user-friendly online classroom interface, which when teaching a hybrid class (half-online, half-classroom), is paramount. I also enjoy the fact that class is on a Tuesday evening versus last fall when I had Thursday evening. I am much more gung ho and able to deal earlier in the week compared to later. (Plus, Thursday night television is amazing.)

Although I was kind of not looking forward to starting back up again with teaching, it seems to be much easier the second time around. Much of the curriculum and format is staying the same and I already spent a lot of time crafting all of that. Of course, there are still some changes, updates to be made, but so far, Spring 2010 is a thumbs up.

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