Monday, January 18, 2010

Red Velvet, Red Dresses and Sequins..These are a few of my favorite things!

My friend, AB, posted that Magnolia Bakery had a cookbook at the same time my aunt J scanned the red velvet cupcake recipe from HER Magnolia Bakery cookbook and emailed it to me. AWESOME! We still have about 8 cupcakes left to eat, but I am excited to try the MB recipe. I also got a bunch of suggestions via Facebook too. Thanks everybody!

Speaking of red, I am also excited at the FIND from Target yesterday. During the holidays, Target came out with about 15 limited edition dresses for $40. They were featured in a lot of magazines, tv shows and blogs because of the low price. $40 wasn't exactly low enough for me. I have this threshold for buying target clothes - and $40 is way above it. Yesterday, I found the red holiday dress on clearance for $9.98! I scooped that puppy up as it was the only one left and brought it home. It fits great! What do I have to wear this thing to? Nothing at the moment, but we already have 3 weddings on the docket for 2010 so I'm sure it will work for one of them. This is also how I got my favorite party dress - I found it at Target for super cheap and bought it figuring I would find somewhere to wear it to and it has become my go-to party dress. Here is a pic (disregard the black dress) that I was able to find on The Budget Fashionista:

I think the length is a little strange so I may hem it a bit. I REALLY wish that the Slyvia Belted dress (see below) was there, but beggars can't be choosers.

Now, speaking of dresses, did anyone else watch the Golden Globes? Yeah, I was going to work on stuff for class, but the RED carpet was calling my name. (See how this is all tying together? Red Velvet, Red Dress, Red Carpet...welcome to my ADHD mind, folks). The red carpet was not up to par because it was raining so I actually did more of my dress critiquing during the ceremony. Some thoughts -

I actually really liked Cameron Diaz's RED dress (RED IS ON MY BRAIN I GUESS!). I am not the biggest CD fan, as my friend (not Cameron Diaz), CD, would say, she is Fugly. But she rocked the dress last night, in my opinion.

No me gusta Jennifer Aniston's dress. I am getting bored with her. She always picks the same dress for every function.

In my next life, (I think I've mentioned this already), I want to be Kate Winslet.

What was the train wreck of Chloe Sevigny? I usually apprectiate her wacka-doo sense of style but wasn't feeling this.

I liked the long, body hugging sequiny dresses. They sort of worked for me this year. I thought Jennifer Garner looked great from the neck down (did not like her Jersey Shore hairdo) and I thought Toni Colette rocked it. Maybe this was influenced by my own experience wearing a sequined dress, but I really liked these two dresses. I thought Anna Pacquin looked great wearing sequins as well, but my view of her was limited to her sitting in the audience. I just saw a full on shot of the dress online and wasn't as enthusiastic about it.

I liked Julia Roberts' dress, but it reminded me of something we (as in normal folk) would wear to a wedding or something. It was a little casual.

And Nate & I thought Christina Aguilera had a wardrobe malfunction when she walked out wearing her dress. Oops! On second look, that's just how ugly her dress really was.

I loved the color of Sandra Bullock's dress (plum/purple) but didn't really like the guazy part of the lower half.

SOOOOOOOO to wrap it up, I would say my favorite was Toni Collette rockin' the sequins and the worst dressed was a tie between Chloe and Diane Krueger's ruffle contraption.

Here are some of the dresses. I haven't found the best slideshow yet. Usually Elle does a pretty good one. is going to be good today!

Happy Monday folks!


Ali said...

I knew you would give the good recap! We didn't watch until the last 30 min. Julia R's hair was too messy. I did like Emily blunt and olivia wilde's dresses--and maggie g (I cannot spell or type it while nursing, ha ha). I didn't recognize toni! Here is another good recap:

I think I need to go to target asap...and find a function that requires more than pajamas...

Old MD Girl said...

I like that pink dress.

Maybe you just saw it at a bad angle?