Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Confession: We Ate Boxed Potatoes for Dinner Last Night

Last night was sort of one of those nights where I was ill prepared for dinner. Usually i try to plan our meals over the weekend and then we don't have the "what are we going to do for dinner" discussion. That did not get done this weekend so we got home from the Y and stared into the abyss of our pantry.

I made a box of Betty Crocker Au Gratin potatoes. Gross. Nate asked why we even had those in the pantry. "Free Sample", I responded. I would turn my nose up at those in the grocery store, but if Betty Crocker is going to send me a free box, so be it.

To make matters worse, we settled in with our boxed potatoes to watch Anthony Bourdain in Sardinia. I'm pretty sure eating boxed food is a crime in his world. I felt so ashamed.

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CityMouse said...

I do't think you should feel ashamed. Think of it as cleaning out your cupboard. You were actually doing a hore!