Sunday, January 24, 2010

Girls Girls Girls

What a jam packed weekend!

Friday night we dined at The Wicked Hop prior to walking over to The Riverside to see Anthony Bourdain. Of course we had a fish fry and had to try their Bloody Marys, as The Wicked Hop was voted as having the best Bloody in MKE last year. It came with a bunch of cheese strings - fresh string cheese. YUM YUM YUM.

Anthony Bourdain was spectacular. We did not really know what to expect but from the minute he came out in his white cowboy boots, faded black jeans, black t-shirt and black blazer with a PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon beer - one of Nate's favorites - this may be when Nate's crush on AB began), we knew it was going to be good. He basically talked for about an hour and 15 minutes about random stuff, beginning with a few rips on some well known food network stars (ahem Sandra Lee and Rachel Ray) and confessed that he actually liked Giada and Ina (phew - b/c I love the Barefoot Contessa!). From there he covered trying to make his 3 year old daughter afraid of Ronald McDonald, his love of meat, disdain for vegetarianism, some stories from travelling. Overall, he was EXACTLY like you would expect him to be if you have read his books and/or watched No Reservations. It may sound kinda boring to sit and listen to someone talk, but he is so engaging. Both Nate & I loved it. After the talk, he did an extended Q&A with the audience where people would walk around with microphones and you could ask him any question. Although there were a few good questions, it never fails, that a lot of stupid questions get answered. He confessed that he did not know much about MKE and that he had only spent the day there, had lunch at Bacchus, and about four people asked him what his favorite MKE restaurants are. Good news - they did film some while they were here for an upcoming Heartland show. AHHHH! He noted that MKE had a "great vibe". (We couldn't agree more - I need to get an "I HEART MKE" T).

All in all, we walked out of there loving him even more. I'm now officially obsessed (if I wasn't before).

Saturday morning I met my book club girls for brunch at Birdie's Cafe, a previously unknown (to me) gem of a place. We decided that for our January meeting, we would skip reading a book over the busy holidays and go out for brunch instead. Birdie's is a quaint coffee/sandwich shop set up in an old house. It has a great eclectic mix of linens, furniture, plates, etc and great food. I WILL be going back! It was great to catch up with the girls!

From brunch with the girls to girls night in Madison for me. My three BFs and I planned on hanging out in Madison a while back - we generally try to have a girls night every couple of months. We kicked the night off with food at Brocach - we wanted to eat at the Old Fashioned but the wait was an hour and we had to get to the UW Hockey game! It was a great game - we beat the #1 team in the country! I must confess that I didn't/don't know much about hockey but it was exciting! After the game we headed to the Essen Haus for boots of beer and polka. When in WI...

While I was hanging with the gals, Nate was hanging with some college friends in Madison also. We reunited to meet my dad for lunch at the Nitty Grittty, a former employer of mine. Nate & my dad went to the UW Basketball game (our Christmas gift to him) while I returned to hanging out with the girls.

Spaghetti and meat sauce and laundry rounded out the weekend for us! Hope yours was as great!

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