Friday, January 15, 2010

The basement saga continues

Last night we had a woman from a carpet store come and look at our basement. We are pursuing the carpet replacement through our homeowner's insurance. We're not sure if we are going to get it replaced this way, since we don't know if our premium would go up after such a claim, but in order to process everything and figure out if that will indeed happen, they proceed as if we will be doing it this way.

We found out last night that the insurance will not only get us new carpet, but will pay us for the carpet removal, disposal and water removal. Nice to know that we could get compensated for those days in between Christmas and Vacation spent with shovels, box cutters and lawn bags! It never occurred to us that we could PAY a service to do this, so we were pretty excited to hear about that option. We will find out next week exactly how much we would get from the insurance company and exactly how it will affect our annual payment.

For now the basement is just cement floor throughout, but it smells a million times better. Even pre-flooding, the carpet was not very attractive smelling. It just smelled sort of like an old person's house, if you know what i mean.

We likely will re-carpet the basement. Mostly because we have no carpet in our house, it will provide some warmth to the room, it is inexpensive and good for what the room is used for - an extra tv room with a pool table and an assortment of our college-days furniture. We don't use our basement a ton (hence why we never replaced the flooring to begin with) so it didn't make sense to us to put a ton of money into a different type of floor. Also, as I have mentioned, this is the first time this has happened in the lifetime of the house. We do not have consistent flooding issues. I'll keep you "posted".


Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

I should have talked to you back when your flood was right after mine! A guy who lives above me (I'm in a condo) broke his toilet and it ruined my floors. A cleaning crew was here all day and left massive dehumidifiers and fans here for a solid week to dry everything out. I didn't have to pay anything at all for any of it.

My flood:

The clean up:

However, getting the flooring out was so important that I did it myself on day 2. That was sooo fun. Luckily, the condo management guys are very nice to me and they came and hauled all the debris away:

Old MD Girl said...

Just be careful. I had my car insurance company jack up my premiums after I called to *inquire* about something similar, even though I never made a claim. I thought that was pretty unscrupulous, so I switched companies after that, but still. It's a headache you definitely don't want.

I'm looking forward to the "after" pics.

MMMTASTY said...

We had the same thing happen, right after Eli was born (nice flooded basement with a two week old in arms). We ripped everything up but still haven't replaced anything. We are scared to invest and have the same thing happen, since the ATL seems to flood constantly now (despite never doing it before). Flooded basements suck.