Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Book List Beginning

So far I have read 3 books in 2010. This puts me well on track to at least match my 2009 count of 30, although I have no set number in mind this year. I felt like I really pushed myself to read a lot last year to make my goal so I'm interested in how much I will read without one.

My friend MS sent me this book after we discussed Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, of which she also recommended to me. I really loved both books, although Peony in Love requires you to have a bit more imagination because it deals with ghost marriages and such. That said, I liked Peony in Love a tad better than Snow Flower. Both are beautifully written and I also enjoyed the authors notes at the end detailing how she came up with the ideas.

This book started as a doozy for me. I could NOT get into it. Therefore it stood on my nightstand, bookmark at page 36 forever. I took it along on our vacation and once I got going, I could not stop. I really liked this book, although one of my former colleauges didn't so much love it. The format makes it somewhat difficult as it sometimes has a first person narrator, sometimes you are reading letters/journals and sometimes a third person narrator. The book was a Booker Prize finalist so of course it deals with themes of colonialism.

From two incredible love stories to Push.

Not a love story. This is the novel that the movie Precious is based on. I did not see the movie. I was a little afraid to read the book as themes of sexual and physical abuse and incest are prevalent. It was an easy read in that it is a short book that you could probably get through in one night. It took me two because of the subject matter, I had to put it down it was so out of my comfort zone. Precious is a great character though and I thought this was a great book. I have heard that the movie is easier to get through if you've read the book so I'm eager to watch it now. I'm really looking forward to our book club discussion about this in a few weeks.


xoxoKrysten said...

Jealous - I've only read one book so far in 2010. We Need To Talk About Kevin by Curtis Sittenfeld is taking me FOREVER.

caroldes7 said...

Map of Love started really slow for me, too. But absolutely worth sticking it out!