Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Water Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink


Well, we cleaned out the basement last night, including removing the still wet carpet. Take note - carpet circa 1970 is gross and smelly. Carpet circa 1970 that is SATURATED with water is absolutely revolting.

Here are some pictures of what the left half of our basement looked like before we ripped up the carpet

Totally a set out of That '70's show, right?!

We ended up having to use a box cutter to cut the carpet into strips because it was so heavy with water (this AFTER Nate shop vac-ed it). Then Nate rolled the strips up and put them into heavy duty lawn bags. After he removed the carpet, I had to scoop up black carpet goo (i.e. old rotten padding) with our new snow shovel (Merry Christmas from my dad). Eventually, we did get all the carpet up, even though the cement floor is still really wet. We have fans going to try to get it dry. I forgot to take pictures of the "after".

This morning, Nate took 8 huge bags (2 trips) to the dump. Overnight the water emptied out of the carpet into the bags so it was another mess. At this point, we really do NEED a vacation.


Old MD Girl said...

Maybe instead of new carpet, you can replace the flooring with tile and avoid a future mess like this. Sounds really yucky. I'm sorry you had to waste the last few days doing this.

chacha said...

There is nothing worse than removing old wet carpet. Yuck!

Are you going to leave it as concrete or put down something new?