Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Too excited to work....

Ah...last night I lost 5 pounds. Of hair. I swear that my hair grows wider rather than longer. Thank you to Kacie who fixed me up just in time for the holidays. I am getting closer to my Amelie-type style!!!

The next couple of days promise to be jam-packed. The action starts tonight where we will be going to the Milwaukee Bucks basketball game in style. My in-laws bid on and won a package for one of the suites and gave it to my cousin-in-law, Ben, for his birthday, which is today. Ben decided to take the whole fam along and his girlfriend. Free pizza, free booze and free snacks!! Oh yeah, and some basketball too ;).

Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in and then I have one more gift to finish up for my niece. Oh, and a few Gossip Girl Discs! We will be heading to the in-laws tomorrow night to begin four days of Christmas celebration with our families!

If I don't return to the blog before then, Merry Christmas everyone!!

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Old MD Girl said...

Merry Christmas Amy!

I do wish you'd post a picture of your new 'do.