Monday, December 14, 2009

'Tis the Season

We had a jam packed weekend. Friday night we made a taco bar in our kitchen and wolfed down taco after taco. How amazing are beef, fresh cilantro and onion corn tacos? After our taco fest, we started the third season of The Wire. Excellent so far.

Saturday my cousin/goddaughter, LM, came down for The Nutcracker. This was my Christmas gift to her. We did some shopping in the Third Ward and had lunch at Taco de Bajo before heading to the show. I love The Nutcracker and hope that she liked it!

We headed to my hometown Saturday evening to spend the night with my dad and sister going through and attempting to organize old family photos. We also watched Four Christmases - story of our lives.

Sunday we had our first family Christmas event - my Nana's annual extended family Christmas Party. This party is all about the Lincoln's baby - we get our annual Christmas Card from my Great-Grandpa T with a $5 bill. It is always a good time. After the party, we headed to get a Christmas tree with my brother & niece to help them decorate. I have decided that 3 1/2 year old children are my favorite age. Toni is in LOVE with Christmas. Here are some photos:

Making play-doh sprinkles:

My brother, Toni & Frazier the dog:

Toni is obessed with her dog. The poor thing is a good sport:

I'm not really sure how she got so dirty - probably having too much fun.

Last night Nate decorated our tree while I finished grading final exams. I am so glad the semester is over. Now I have 10 days to get those Christmas presents done!