Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Paparazzi Cause Injury at Local YMCA

I hate treadmills. I generally try to run outside at all costs, but during winter here in WI, it gets a little dicey. Mainly because of ice/slipperiness. I have had a few slips on the ice in my 14 year running career.

Thus, during what suppossedly is this huge snowstorm, I decided to run indoors tonight.

To combat the bordeom that is running on a treadmill, I usually break out the Ipod, something I do not use while running outside.

I usually head for the fancy treadmills where you can select all these programs and hook up and control your ipod using the big screen. I had my program all selected, was starting out at a comfortable 7.0 mph and I could not get the Ipod screen to work. I hopped to put both of my feet on the sides of the treadmill to get Lady Gaga to begin playing. Paparazzi started out in full force.

WHY I DID NOT JUST PUSH STOP ON THE TREADMILL IS BEYOND ME. I instead tried to hop back on and start running.


I totally fell on my knee. Thankfully i grabbed the railing in time before I face planted but I could not hit the stop button and kept trying to get up, fall down, get up fall down. I think I managed to go up and down 3 or 4 times before getting the thing to stop. (NOTE TO SELF: THIS IS WHY TREADMILLS COME WITH ONE OF THOSE EMERGENCY STOP CLIPS).

HOW EMBARRASSING! I'm not really sure if anyone saw me because no one came over to push stop on my machine or came up to me to see if I was ok. I kept running for a mile but my knees were throbbing. I looked down and saw that they were all bloody:

Sigh. Lady Gaga and me and treadmills are not a good combination.


Ali said...

First. I "heart" that you run a comfortable 7.0. You're a rock star.

Second. I can see this entire episode clearly in my head--and it made my morning.

Third. I don't mean to get pleasure from your misfortune, but I have had a similar situation (sans cuts), and cannot help but feel like there is another human who knows that undeniable feeling of "I am a big gym loser--and THAT girl."

Fourth. I hope you recover by watching episodes of ANTM in an electric blanket in your bedroom.

Old MD Girl said...

Aw! Your knees look painful!

(Though, at least you didn't go shooting off the back into the wall, Little Miss. 7MPH!)

chacha said...

Ouch! Yeah comfortable 7.0. Hehe, for me comfortable 6.2-ish.

I have been running during the week on the treadmill b/c it gets dark so fast that I don't feel like running in the dark around my neighborhood where coyotes essentially walk the streets (though they probably don't come out until like 11-12 but still).

I have to run intervals tonight on the treadmill - hopefully I don't wipe out.

Emily said...
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