Sunday, December 6, 2009

The ol' switcheroo

Last week I went to turn on the guestroom light (home of my shoe closet) and nothing happened. Throughout our house we have these old light switches that do not really switch on/off but rather rock and roll towards on and off. The guest room light malfunction was all the motivation we needed to switch out all of the old school light switches for new ones. Gotta love a $6 upgrade. Considering a switch is like 54 cents, I'm not sure why we didn't do this earlier. Probably the same reason our kitchen remodeling project took us a year and a half.

AAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD....we ordered our stove! It will be delivered on 12/18. We realized while purchasing the stove that it is our last appliance to buy for a while (knocking on wood that one does not break). We actually were a little sad about it. Then we gave each other a high five. The Home Depot guy likely thought we were crazy.

Tonight we will be grilling steaks, decorating the tannenbaum and catching the Amazing Race finale. Why do weekends have to end?

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maura said...

Rock and roll towards on and off is a pretty good description for my light switches...although probably more just the wires are old and tired. The lights will just randomly turn off and then turn on again.

Congrats on the upgrades! Can't wait to see pictures.