Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maybe we won't have a TV in our bedroom..but we will have a gas stove by 2010!

You think it would be all too easy to buy a tv and get it into the bedroom. It is only 19" for crying out loud.


Yesterday I left work early to get home to meet the cable guy who was going to set up wireless internet so we can have Internet on our desktop and the MacBook at the same time. He was also going to run cable up to our bedroom so that we can hook up our new tv.

Wireless internet - check. No problem!

Tv - not so much. Apparently based on what he told us, he couldn't run cable up to our bedroom from the basement. He could run it along the outside of the house but we were not about to have that happen. Clark Griswold anyone?

I boxed up the tv with a long face and waited for Nate to come home.

All hope is not lost! Nate had some conversations at his work and also talked to the man who is at our house currently to set up a gas line for our stove (Yes - we STILL have not done that!). He said he would take a look at it and probably would not have an issue with it. So we may still get our bedroom TV after all!

Remember our kitchen list? Yeah, I haven't brought it up in many months because we hadn't made any progress. May 31 was actually the last time I blogged about our kitchen. Here was the list the last time you saw it:

Because I love crossing stuff off the list:

  1. Sand cabinents, wood putty any existing holes

  2. Prime cabinets

  3. Paint cabinets

  4. Change cabinet hardware

  5. Change countertops

  6. Install sink and garbage disposal

  7. Install subway tile backsplash

  8. Install new microwave

  9. Remove upper cabinets that divide kitchen & dining area

  10. Paint pantry doors and install new door hardware

  11. Build and install cookbook shelf

  12. New light fixtures

  13. Make and install roman shade in window

  14. Install gas shut off valve

  15. New range/oven

After today we will be able to cross off "install gas shut off valve" and maybe tonight or this weekend we will go purchase our new range/oven. Then our kitchen will be done. 1 1/2 years later. Holy crap. Time flies when you avoid home remodeling ha ha ha.

We have 29 days to get this kitchen done according to my new years resolutions home edition!

Hopefully in addition to the gas shut off valve and electric box we will also have cable in our bedroom when i get home tonight!

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chacha said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations on finishing your kitchen in 2009! I'll bet you can find some good deals on appliances right now.

Miles logging - I know, there was a time was pretty diligent about it - even in high school we had everything logged. Now I can't be bothered. But I'm going to at least track mileage for the purpose of my shoes. I recently replaced them because I was starting to get achy shins and I have no idea what kind of mileage I had on them.