Friday, December 18, 2009

Mark the Calendar - The Kitchen is DUNZO!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what arrived this morning? Our new stove! Kitchen complete!

  1. Sand cabinents, wood putty any existing holes

  2. Prime cabinets

  3. Paint cabinets

  4. Change cabinet hardware

  5. Change countertops

  6. Install sink and garbage disposal

  7. Install subway tile backsplash

  8. Install new microwave

  9. Remove upper cabinets that divide kitchen & dining area

  10. Paint pantry doors and install new door hardware

  11. Build and install cookbook shelf

  12. New light fixtures

  13. Make and install roman shade in window

  14. Install gas shut off valve

  15. New range/oven

Much better than what we started with one year, six months, three weeks and 4 days ago:


Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous! My dream kitchen.......white cabs, black counters and wood floors. Congrats! Just in time to bake holiday goodies in your new oven. :)

heather said...

Congratulations! Looks fabulous!

Pretty Nerdy said...

Beautiful transformation! I just want to know, how do you get your photos and stuff to stick on your stainless fridge? I have a stainless fridge and nothing sticks to it.

Old MD Girl said...

It looks amazing!

chacha said...

It looks great! I have just baseboards to do but I swear it's taking forever - maybe over the Christmas break I'll get it done :)

caroldes7 said...

ah! love the new stove. just in time to get one more batch of cookies in before christmas! or have you perfected that cheesecake or other difficult baked item yet that was on the 2009 to do?