Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I haven't brought up Bruce in a while...

Bruce Springsteen was honored at the Kennedy Center last night. Jon Stewart introduced the tribute with a great (and obviously funny) speech and a variety of artists performed Bruce songs. I am in love with the Ben Harper and Jennifer Nettles version of "I'm On Fire" and hoping that I can find it to download. Eddie Vedder's "My City of Ruins" was awesome as well. Even Michelle and her husband were rocking along by the end of the tribute. (Nate and I have taken to calling the Prez "Michelle's Husband" after we heard the song Forever by Drake).

Seven years after I met him, my husband finally conceded that "Bruce is a pretty cool guy" last night. It's a hard job being right all the time, but someone's gotta do it and I'm happy to oblige. ha ha ha

More about the Kennedy Center honors here.

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chacha said...

We watched it too - the Dave Brubreck part was pretty awesome too - he has a 4-piece band of sons!

Bruce does kind of rock. Took me several years to admit it, too :o)