Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Ro-oh-oh-oh-ad

We had our first big snowstorm of the year last night! It wasn't quite big enough to get me out of work today, but we have several more months to attempt that. Nate went outside to try to capture photos but they just look dark with lots of light from the snowflakes. I love when it snows in December right before Christmas. It puts me in the holiday mood instantly. Now, come March 30, I hate snow with a passion, but I always start out loving it.

Our Christmas tree still needs to be decorated. We went with a very full tree this year and our typical 4 strands of lights did not cover all of it so we need to pick up some more lights and then put the ornaments on. Our tree is a tribute to our childhood. Both of our moms gave us these tupperwares full of ornaments that we had growing up, some of them handmade. So we have a half-eaten glittery pretzel ornament and homemade clothespin reindeer mixed in with our Old World Christmas. Every year I think it might be fun to do a color-coordinated "pretty" tree but I take one look at that ornament box and reach for the pretzel ornament. We can tell you a zillion stories about the ornaments on our tree and i love it.

I did find a great idea on the blogosphere - the ribbon over the door card holder:

Currently we get Christmas cards and they go into this decorative basket type thing. Not a great way to see them all so I think i might try to do this ribbon thing. Bonus points in that it will hide our ugly interior doors some.

Speaking of holiday cards, I had to laugh in that all of the cards we have received so far come from people with children. Damn, you mothers know how to multitask! It made me feel a little lame-o that I haven't gotten ours out yet. I'm too busy lazing in my bed nursing my treadmill wounds. Ok, I'm about halfway done. I also will never buy cards with glitter on them again. We have glitter everywhere - and it even gets on the pen while writing so you have to wipe off this inky-glittery goo from the pen tip every couple of cards. Ick.

Which brings me to the holiday gifts portion of this post. I have great intentions to do as many handmade gifts as possible this year. Even though I realize I only have 2 weeks and 2 days left. The person receiving the hand-knit ruffle scarf may not get it until April, but night by night, it is progressing. Note to self: Next year start making holiday gifts in June. Oh wait, that's right. I did think to start them last June and then procrastinated until now.

I hope your holiday planning is going a little better than mine!

My intention with the title of this post was to get you singing Holiday Road by Lindsey Buckingham from National Lampoon's Vacation. Christmas Vacation is in my Top 5 Holiday movies list.


Ali said...

I JUST got a shipment of all of my old know, the egg carton "critter" with 3 flakes of glitter from 1983. I can't bring myself to throw them out. I love the holiday card ribbon. I may do that next year. We make the shape of a x-mas tree on the back of our front door and fill in the cards in that shape (it is the closest thing we usually get to a tree!).

GO HANDMADE GIFTS! I am currently finishing up my first knit stocking--a year plus off from knitting doesn't bode well. But it makes me feel 1% crafty! I cannot WAIT to see the amazing things you make--you have to post pictures of it all!

chacha said...

"Hallelujah! Holy Sh*t!"

That is the funniest movie. Gotta remember to watch that on either Christmas Eve of Christmas Day.

BCK said...

that's because mom's actually have something interesting to share by sending christmas cards. no one wants a photo card of just me.

last week, i had the opportunity to see three national lampoons movies...all on different channels. it was weird.