Monday, December 28, 2009

Handmade Holiday Part 2

The handmade gifts went over well. Nate & I made my mother-in-law a table runner for her dining room:

You may have noticed that I said "Nate & I". He cut out all of the material and worked on pressing. We were working with linen so it was easy to wrinkle.

I also made my mom a bag for her upcoming trip. This was not much of a surprise because I had her pick out the main material, but I think she liked it.

This is another Birdie Sling. The main fabric is from Amy Butler's new Love collection. The inside lining fabric is actually leftover from a pair of pants I made CD and the handle is leftover table runner fabric. I aim to use up all fabric remnants!

The final handmade thing I made this Christmas was the fabric alphabet for my niece, Toni. Again, she had already seen these because I gave her a few of the finished letters during cookie making to see if she would like them. She did so I finished this very putzy project at 12:30 on Christmas Eve!

I think the handmade gifts will continue into 2010. I was pretty satisfied with how many I was able to accomplish in 2009. My 2009 sewing album is here if you are interested. This album excludes Schlocks but otherwise is fairly complete, I think.

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