Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fighting the WI Pasty Winter Skin Syndrome

My sister and I attended the Blush holiday open house last night. They had really great cupcakes, warm apple cider and plenty of people to test out makeup on you. I LOVE makeup. Can't get enough. Throw in the promise of a free gift and I am set. In winter I get very pasty looking, especially with the bitter cold we have been experiencing lately. I wanted to find a bronzer that would "warm me up" but not turn me into Amerita. (I went to FL the week before my friend's wedding in the ATL a few years back and the make-up artist actually had to use makeup intended for a much darker complected person - hence I believe AH coined the name, "Amerita" for me. It was the tannest (most tan??) I have ever been - see photo. I also had these ridiculously awful bubblegum pink nails - what was i thinking?)

But I digress...back to the bronzer.

I explained that I wanted a bronzer but I didn't want to look like an oompa loompa. Voila - Laura Mercier Matte Bronzer Light. My new favorite beauty product of the week...although i am still rocking the red lipstick from NYC. The sis had some lovely eye makeup done as well.

Our free gift for attending was a little gift pack of three different lip venoms. Angelina Jolie, watch out.

We tooled around Anthropologie, oogling but not purchasing anything and then headed to Bella for soup and grilled cheese. A great night!


Old MD Girl said...

You are so tan in that picture! I'm jealous. All I ever turn is orange, and in pictures I still look white.

For the record, I have *never* considered you pasty.

I admire your restraint at Anthropologie.

caroldes7 said...

awww... :) you were tan! gosh that feels like ages ago!