Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end of an era...

Holy cats - It is the last day of 2009! How did that come up so quickly?

2009 was a great year for me. Here is a quick list of things that stand out in my mind.

I learned how to...
...Tile! And I admire that subway tile kitchen backsplash every day.
...make a lemon meringue pie!
...make short ribs!
...make crepes!
...snake a drain!
...more about investing thanks to my investment club!
...switch out light switches! to "spin"
...make a roman shade!
...install a over the range microwave! and beat my husband in rummy!
...that skinny jeans and leggings are my favorite clothing items!

Some accomplishments:
1. Adding adjunct faculty to my resume
2. Donating 8 vials of blood to a research project and NOT fainting
3. Making gifts for 80% of the birthdays we buy presents for
4. Reaching 64% of my new years resolutions
5. Finishing a half marathon and not being crazy enough to train for another full marathon.
6. Starting a book club
7. Selling enough Schlocks to buy a new sewing machine
8. Making it to the two year anniversary mark in our marriage :)
9. Finally got my health insurance to pay for my glasses
10. Winning a radio contest to attend a local celebrity's wedding

Marriages: This year we actually had fewer weddings to attend than in years past:
1. Jill & Ryan
2. Karen & Ryan (but the not the aforementioned Ryan)
3. Juliana & Charlie
4. Jason & Paula
5. Kristy & Greg
6. Chris & Tara (if you saw earlier versions of this post, rest assured that it was CHRIS and Tara that got married...not CHRIST and tara.)

Births! The weddings may be tapering down, but if 2009 is any indication, I have a feeling that births may be on the rise!
1. Alex B.
2. Sarah D.
3. Emelia H.
4. Henry S.
5. Nate A.
6. Alex VDL.
7. Stella B.
8. Little Ike, nate's aunt & uncles puppy :)

Unfortunately 2009 was also the year my great-grandmother, Hazel, and family dog, Moose passed away.

1. My great grandfather decided to auction off most of his belongings. I purchased cool jewelry, glassware and plates.
2. I visited 8 states this year: Georgia, Arizona, New York, Pennslyvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Washington, D.C.
3. My grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!
4. Most. Amazing. Bruce. Springsteen. Concert. Ever!
5. 10 year class reunion where we really did party like it was 1999
6. Family reunion with Nate's maternal grandmother's family
7. Family reunion with my paternal great-grandmother's family

"Oh My God, Did That Really Just Happen/Did I Really Just Do That?" Moments
1. Falling on the treadmill (repeatedly) at the YMCA during one of the busiest hours of the day
2. Meeting Carrie Underwood in NYC
3. Meeting Deena Kastor in NYC
4. Falling on the dancefloor at my best friend's wedding and then subsequently having to explain why I had to get an xray and wear a bootie to everyone
5. Almost sh**ing my pants upon seeing a coyote in Phoenix while running
6. Screaming and running around the parking lot when I found the limo driver in the wedding contest challenge and then when we actually went to the wedding, making a sandwhich with my husband and the groom on the dance floor where I pretend to spank the groom. Seriously. I won a contest to go to this wedding and I do THAT on the dance floor.
7. Screaming PINKBERRY on the upper west side of New York like I had found an oasis in the desert.
8. The entire bachelorette party doing multiple beer bongs in my kitchen at JS's bachelorette party. CRAZY. FUN. The next morning wasn't quite a scene out of The Hangover, but pretty darn close.

I'm sure there are MANY more of these moments, but I have to get a lot of stuff done before we hop on a plane at 4:30!

I'm looking forward to 2010 and the next decade!


Old MD Girl said...

Holy cow, that was quite a year! And so many births!

Have a great time on your cruise, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

This is like the best list I've read summing up the past year--ever! Thanks for the inspiration!! I hope to have a list like this {but different, you know what I mean} next year. Wishing you another wonderful new year!

xo Mary Jo

p.s. I need to find your subway retiling post {if you have one} because it's on my list of things to do to my kitchen!