Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adventures of a Wanna-be Knitter

I picked up disc 1 of Gossip Girl Season 1 from my local library last night and was envisioning a nice evening of watching all 4 episodes while continuing to work on my knitting.

What I did not envision: Spending 2 1/2 hours untangling yarn.

I swear, I don't need an instruction manual for every little thing, but I did not know that it was bad news to try to knit directly from yarn that is wound up like this:

Apparently, it is recommended that you untwist the pretzel-like yarn and then roll that yarn into a ball before beginning. Well, I did not do this. I untwisted the pretzel and started knitting from a big 'ol loop of yarn. I should have read this beforehand.

Oh wait. Let me back up. Nate's grandmother, an avid knitter, saw me knitting from this giant loop over the summer and asked me why I didn't wind it in a ball. I gave her a blank look and said, "I dunno". Here would have been the time to start winding, but I just kept going.

Since summer, I have started over with this same yarn about 4 times. My first scarf I picked a way too difficult pattern. Just because I made a dishcloth and a hat does not make me an expert knitter. So i started over with a different pattern. Way too many mistakes later, I ripped that out too. Never once did I think, "i really should wind this into a ball".

Well, now i picked a pattern that is working quite well and I am making some headway. Enter jumbled mess of yarn. I decide to find the end of the yarn and begin winding into a ball. Oh my lord. How tedious. I was bound and determined not to cut the yarn though so I worked out all of the kinks, knots, etc. And now I have a nice big ball of yarn. And still no progress made on the actual scarf.

BTW, Gossip Girl is awesome. Made me wish I was back in NYC.

Photo Source: The Purl Bee - craft blog of Purl Soho, a very cute knitting shop in Soho.

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Amy Badler said...

Hi! Depending on where you bought the yarn a lot of stores have a machine to wind it into a ball for your. Most places will do this free of charge if you bought it there. I always ask before leaving the store. Saves time and headaches! Good luck!