Monday, December 21, 2009

6 down, 1 abandoned and 3 to go!

Ok, I may have calmed down from the lemon meringue pie to talk about the REST of the weekend, which was BUSY, but rewarding.

We woke up early Saturday morning and decided to get moving to hopefully beat the crowds to the mall. We ended up getting a free $15 American Express card for parking in the "far away" structure at the mall! The mall was basically empty which allowed us to finish our shopping by mid-morning. We went to breakfast at the cafe downtown where my sister works and then to the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum for a quick break. We finished off the shopping and were home by early afternoon. SCORE! As much as I do not usually like to save my shopping for the last minute, I can see why people do - stores had amazingly great deals.

The remainder of the day was spent crafting. I finished six of the nine gifts I wanted to make. I am planning on finishing the remaining three in the next couple of nights. Nothing like getting down to the wire! I have basically decided that the ruffled scarf is not going to get done. Luckily the recipient's birthday is in the beginning part of the year!

Sunday we spent the better part of the day wrapping our gifts and cooking on the new stove! I am so happy we went with gas - it is a delight to use! We made braised short ribs, Brussels Sprouts with bacon, mashed Yukon gold potatoes for dinner with my in-laws. I was in bed pretty early last night as I was quite tired.

4 more days until Christmas!!

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