Monday, December 28, 2009

4 Traveling Days, 3 French Rolls, 2 Tired Schlottys and a Flooded Basement on 1**th Street

Christmas again flew by in a busy blur. As usual, we had a great holiday with our families. Here is a shot of us at about 3:30 on Christmas Eve when we departed our house. We had to use the self timer and put the camera on the ledge so pardon the crappy shot.

Here is our tree - it is my favorite tree we have had yet! I love the addition of the red wooden beads. These were on my family tree growing up and I acquired them when we were moving my dad over the summer.

We also went to the Bucks game the night before Christmas Eve to celebrate my cousin-in-law's birthday. Here is a shot of us from the game:

We got back home last night around 7 PM. I went straight to bed to watch tv for a few hours. This morning, Nate went down to the basement to get a clean shirt and discovered that at some point in the 4 days that we were gone, the basement flooded! The water in the sump pump hose froze and therefore the pump stopped running. Thankfully nothing was ruined except the really old (circa 1970) carpet that is down there. We now have a good excuse for pulling it up and throwing it away!

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