Thursday, November 19, 2009

My latest love: Bvlgari Soap

It is hardly a secret that I love free samples. I have posted before about them and I maintain a daily email "free sample of the day" list. Given this, I LOVE going to hotels for all of the mini products. We were lucky to have gotten a motherload of Korres products at our first hotel in NYC:

Nate asked for more lotion because, "my wife has dry skin" and they UNLOADED stuff on us! The scent of basil lemon body milk is a constant reminder of NYC.

Our second hotel had L'Occitane and Lather products. Both of which were very nice but those maids were not as forthcoming with dropping some extras off. :)

Our hotel in Philly did not have the greatest products. However, our friend BCK was staying at The Ritz and that dollface got us extras of her Bvlgari products. SCORE!

We just opened the bar of Bvlgari soap the other day and since then we have been raving about the it, particularly it's nice scent. Our whole bathroom smells wonderful because of that soap. I went online to check out how much it would be to purchase: $15.99 for a 1.5 oz bar! Looks like I will be savoring that soap until it's gone and then hitting up more people that stay at the Ritz!


BCK said...

I should have gotten you more!!!!!! I didn't realize it would be such a hit. The soap really was the best of the products.

seansarran said...

I have the Bvlgari 1.76 oz. soap. If your interested call me asap they are going like hot cakes.
David Frisch
Janco Beauty
516-248-4090 ext. 114

Anonymous said...

My sweetheart wears the perfume. It is exquisite! Such a subtle signature scent. Wear it and men will notice.